From the Living Room:

The Magic Journey

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The Princess Wanders the Castle Halls

A long night together. Their first night. A special night?

In the morning, still in the afterglow of last night’s passion, they made love again. Last night was sloppy. This morning was soft… and a little kinky, too?

Afterwards she went into the kitchenette to make some coffee, leaving him sitting on the living room carpet, looking over the books in her dainty bookcase: some volumes of Beckett, some books by Edith Wharton, and other odds and ends. It was a small selection of books in an even smaller bookcase, but they were all significant to her.

What was he to her?

She had wanted to doom and redeem him in one gesture for months. She had talked about him to all her friends. She had written pages and pages in her journal about him; many sentences and paragraphs ending in rhetorical question marks that had no answer, such as:

Does he notice me?

Why do I feel this way?

or simply, What?!?

It seemed incredible that he was now here, in the living room of her all too cramped apartment.

She composed in her head the final question for her journal: was he for one night, or all the nights.

She couldn’t decide.


The Prince Encounters a Riddle

“Which book is your favorite,” he asked when she came back with two mugs of coffee, one each for them both.

She couldn’t tell if he wanted to know more about her books or about her. She sat on the small sofa and took a book from the tiny bookcase. It was a thin, old paperback. She had owned it since she was a young, awkward teenager.

It was a fantasy novel. It was a book he had never read.

Question: did he want to hear her favorite part?

Answer: he did.

She began to read. The soft morning light coming from the window behind her cast an aura all around her. It was beautiful. It was magic.

He had given up believing in magic, hadn’t he?

So many years of hurt and disappointment and now, here he was, faced with something he had stopped looking for.


The Princess and the Prince Face the Darkness

She had opened the book to nearly the last page. It was the last passage in the last volume in a series of novels about a magic prince in a far away kingdom.

Here at the end of his long journey, the prince stood at the shore of the endless sea. The dragon had been slain. All the lost lands had been discovered. The heart of the princess had been granted to him.

He had only one lesson left to discover. He sat down and stayed there in meditation until the sun fell into the sea and moon flew into the sky. He ruminated on the luminescent moon in the dark sky until his final lesson became clear to him.

Without light there can be no darkness; without darkness there can be no light. Both are equal in all things.

The prince then became a man.

The girl stopped reading and stared into the boys eyes. The boy stared back.

In that moment the magic journey truly began.