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Penthouse photo album: I was a California child. Birthdays, Grad Night (special night for High School Seniors) and special family outings often meant going to Disneyland. A trip there meant strategically planning when to hit the e-ticket attractions (early in the morning or the last hour of the night) and how to best use the rest of the day to avoid the inevitable crowd in the park. It was a childhood dream to spend a weekend at the park. How great it would be to be able to hit every major e-ticket in the park in a single trip and then spend time doing some of the more unusual attractions there, like the shooting gallery in Frontierland or the arcade in Tommorland.

What could be better than that?

How about 3 days at Tokyo Disneyland instead?

In 2011 for my birthday I took a trip to Tokyo and, for the first time, spent 3 days at Disneyland. Not only did I get to return to Tokyo Disneysea, which I had visited in 2007, I got to go to Tokyo Disneyland for the first time… and during the Halloween season!

Not only is the park well maintained and run, it has a number of attractions that no longer exist back in the states: such as the Star Jets ride. In one trip I got to fulfill 2 wishes – a weekend at Disneyland and a ride on a Star Jets rocket! Pure Bliss!


Here then is my photolog of my first two days at the Tokyo Disneyland Park, October 2011.


Day 1: Tokyo Disneysea


Tokyo Disneysea Maritime Band. It was the park’s 10th Anniversary.



Time for a little drum solo.



Photo spot in Mediterranean Harbor.



Children posing with The Genie in The Arabian Coast.



Max Goof in his South American outfit, and me in my Japanese outfit.



Chip and Dale’s Day of the Dead parade.



Be Magical nighttime show.



Time for dinner: at the Zambini Brothers’ Ristorante.

One of the few vegetarian dinners I’ve found on the menu at the park.


Day 2 Tokyo Disneyland



My new best friend.

Outside the Country Bear Theater in Westernland.



Cinderella’s Castle, World Bazaar.


TKD 10

Busy day, as you can see.

Apparently it was a school holiday, so the park was crammed.


TKD 11

Good old Jungle Cruise.


TKD 12

Swiss Family Robinson Tree.

One of the great things about Tokyo Disneyland is it still has some of the attractions that LA Disneyland no longer has.


TKD 13

My dream is to live in a tree house.


TKD 14

Log riding down Splash Mountain FTW.


TKD 15

Welcome to the Spookyville Halloween parade.


TKD 16

Taking the pole position at Autopia.


TKD 17

End of Day 2: Cinderella’s Castle.


That is all for now. Be Well.