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Penthouse photo album: having shown photos of my three days at Tokyo Disneyland in 2011, what could be left? As with anything there is always more to uncover. Disneyland has two faces, one in daytime and one at night. Some locations are very different at night: instead of being seen under the light of the sun, they are revealed in swaths of color — bright splashes of purple, orange, and blue. The contours of trees are draped in tiny lights. Floats come out at night that never see the glare of day.

Also there is the neighboring city of Tokyo: cultural and historical nub of Japan, and the world. Here then are my photos of these other aspects of my 2011 holiday.



TKD 3 Day 12.1

Where’s the Tokyo Skytree #1?

The Skytree has become a new northstar since its construction. It can be spied from many areas in the city.


TKD 3 Day 10

Where’s the Tokyo Skytree #2?


TKD 3 Day 13

Where’s the Tokyo Skytree #3?


TKD 3 Day 14

Taking batting practice in a batting cage in an arcade in Asakusa.


TKD 3 Night 1

Watching the Tokyo Yakult Swallows.

They were in playoff contention but lost the game.


TKD 3 Night 2

It was umbrella night and during the 7th inning stretch some kids came out with the cheerleaders and the mascot to do some dancing.

The fans held their umbrellas up during the seventh inning stretch.


TKD 3 Night 3

The Electric Light parade. 


TKD 3 Night 4

You’ve got a friend in Toy Story.


TKD 3 Night 6

Stitch and Pluto in a tiki float. Not sure how these two got together. >_<


TKD 3 Night 5

Procession of electric lights.


TKD 3 Night 9

Nothing like taking a drive on the Autopia at night.


TKD 3 Night 8 The newly opened Monsters Inc. Ride and Go Seek.

I got a Fast Pass for the attraction because another attraction had mechanical problems. To get the Fast Pass I had to speak, all in Japanese, with a park cast member and negotiate which attraction I could get a pass for. I felt super proud in being able to do it. 


TKD 3 Night 7

Mysterious Island in Tokyo DisneySea. That’s the line for the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea attraction.


TKD 3 Night 10

Cinderella’s Fairy Tale Hall in Cinderella’s Castle.

I love these dioramas. They are charming to me.


TKD 3 Night 11

View of Fantasyland from the balustrade of Cinderella’s Castle.


TKD 3 Night 12.1

Closing time at the park. Goodbye Disneyland.

That’s all for now.

Be well.